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Ans: The ingredients in Veg Fru Wash are SORBITOL ester and purified water.
Ans: It is an ester of Sorbitol which is obtained from natural sources like sugarcane and Rice Chaff. It works as an emulsifier which dissolves the resinous substance into water soluble form. It is used in making Ice Creams, Bakery products, Pharma products,etc. It is completely safe for human use.
Ans: It washes away all the contaminants from the surface of vegetables, salads, and fruits. Main residues are pesticide residue, fungicide residue, dirt, sand, wax, grime, oil, tobacco residues (contamination from hand of farmer, transporter, vendor smoking or chewing tobacco) bacteria.
Ans: It converts the insoluble layer present on the surface of the vegetables and fruits into water soluble form , hence after its application all contaminants are washed off with water washing. Just like to wash hands you need soap to convert the resinous / oily layer on your skin into water soluble form and then after washing with plain water you get clean hands. Similarly now you have Veg fru wash exclusively developed with eatable ingredients for washing vegetables and fruits. It washes away all toxicants and doesn’t leave any residue of its own.
Ans: Yes, larger vegetables like cauliflower (Gobhi) , Ash gourd (Ghiya) etc. can be cut to desired size and then washed. But it is advisable to wash vegetables uncut as water washing after cutting washes off their vital nutrients. Choose as convenient.
Ans: Yes, you can wash all vegetables and fruits purchased for the day and wash them all together and refrigerate them for further use.
Ans: It is completely safe as your kids must be eating ice creams and the main ingredient of Veg Fru Wash is present in ice creams and is consumed on daily basis, Veg Fru Wash is for washing away other contaminants and is also completely washed off as well without leaving any residue of its own and even if it does it is edible.
Ans: It is completely safe during pregnancy, in-fact it is very important to wash and eat vegetables free from pesticides as pesticide negate the effect of folic acid (iron) which is necessary for neural development (brain) of the child. You must eat clean vegetables and fruits for your child’s development.
Ans: No it doesn’t contain any perfume / fragrance.
Ans: No it doesn’t contain any preservatives.
Ans: The most fatal are pre-harvest and post-harvest chemical sprays which are done between 10 -15 days prior to reaching your kitchen as these chemicals are not disintegrated in such short time hence the vegetables / fruits end up on your plate laced with these chemicals on the surface. The residues inside are much lesser than the surface. It is wise to wash the surface thoroughly to reduce the load of chemicals than worry how much is inside or else there will be no need to wash at all.
Ans: Most fruits and veggies have concentration of nutrients just inside of the peel instead of near core, if you remove the peel (outer layer) then you are removing major part of nutrients as well. The purpose of eating a vegetable or fruit shall have little meaning as you will not get benefit of its vital nutrients.
Ans: Great Choice ! Eating organic is good. Yes washing organic produce is as necessary as conventional produce as the surface is exposed to contaminants from farm handling, transportation, trading, etc. washing is a good option to ensure you eat cleaner.
Ans: YES, It is approved from The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) Govt. of India. Vide license number 10812020000110. It is produced in an ISO-22000, CGMP and HACCP certified facility.
Ans: YES, It is patented by the Patent Office, Government of INDIA vide Patent number 239238.
Ans: These products are chlorine based and are only meant for sterilization ( killing bacteria). Chlorine is not good for health as it reacts in the water with organic matter (bacteria’s body, etc) and creates THM’s which are very harmful for human body, it hardens arteries of the heart which can lead to heart attack.
Ans: They are based on alcohol and are perfumed, surely you wouldn't want to use perfume on your vegetables. Also these products only kill bacteria as they are multipurpose for bottles, nipple, feeders, etc. but Veg fru wash is purely for washing vegetables and fruits and is doesn't contain any artificial perfume or preservatives. Choose the safest option for your family. Veg Fru Wash is the world's safest specially developed for washing vegetables and fruits.
Ans : Ozonation is process of producing ozone gas by adding 1 extra oxygen compound to normal oxygen. This makes it highly oxidative. The ozone gas reacts with surface contaminant and oxidizes them. While oxidizing chemicals that are present in water and vegetables surface it reacts and creates bi-products like chlorate from chlorine or bromate from bromine. These bi-products are highly toxic and can cause cancer. Hence can be dangerous without proper knowledge of how to handle such an equipment. There are concerning issues like :
  • You have to buy the equipment and invest Rs.3000 Rs7000.
  • The equipment runs on electricity means extra daily recurring cost.
  • The equipment needs to run for minimum 15 to 30 minutes to purify 1 kg of vegetables and if the electricity goes off then it again needs to run for 15 to 30 minutes.
  • You can only ozonize 1to 1.50 kg in one session means for 4 to 5 kg you need 2 ½ hours daily ! phew!
  • If ozone gas is lower in concentration it doesn't work in sterilization and if ozone gas is higher in concentration then it can damage the vegetables.
  • Ozone is not safe for humans as an exposure of more than 15 minutes or 30 ppm may damage lungs.

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