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Neem Jeevan Spray

Neem Jeevan Spray is an environmentally safe and eco-friendly formulation based on the wonder tree NEEM (Azadirachta Indica) from India. Neem Jeevan Spray is the best bio-protection prepared from the extract of neem seeds/kernels containing approx. 5000 p.p.m. of bio-active molecules maintained at accurate level based on HPLC assay. Neem Jeevan Spray is best for home plants, kitchen gardens, organic farming, etc. Neem Jeevan Spray acts as an insect repellent/ anti-feedant/ growth disrupter/ ovicidal and is effective on all the stages of life cycle of insects / pests. Neem Jeevan Spray treatment causes growth inhibition, malformation and mortality in insects.

The use of Neem Jeevan Spray in larval stage can result in adults with reduced longevity and fecundity, deformity in nymphal or larval or pupal stage which prevents the transformation into next stage leading to the production of larval-pupal or pupal-adult intermediate or deformed adults. These developmental effects of Neem Jeevan Spray are due to the disruption of endocrine event in insects. Neem Jeevan Spray is an emulsifiable concentrate.

An alternate to chemicals:
Chemical pesticides are the main pollutants of the earth, causing immense damage to the eco-system and environment challenging human survival. There is an urgent need to find alternate sources to stop this biological arsenal. Neem Jeevan Spray is 100% natural and the best alternate to hazardous chemical pesticides. Neem Jeevan Spray has been tried and tested by the scientists of Indian Agricultural Reseach Institute (I.A.R.I), New Delhi.

Best Component of Integrated Pest Management:
Neem Jeevan Spray is fairly compatible with all the conventional pesticides as well as bio-pesticides (NPV & Bt.) Neem Jeevan Spray can be effectively used as a component in IPM because of its high efficacy, safety to non-target organisms, lack of residue, non-development of resistance by insects / pests. Neem Jeevan Spray is 100% safe for Honey Bees, the carriers of pollen.

Mode of Action:
N.J.S. is a non-toxic, broad-spectrum bio-formulation and is effective against more than 300 types of insects/pests like white fly, heliothis, aphids, jassids, bollworms, beatles, mites, leafhoppers etc. including many that are resistant to or inherently difficult to control with conventional pesticides. N.J.S acts as an anti-feedant, repellent, deterrent, growth-distruptant, larval toxicant, ovicidal and upto certain limit as anti-pathogen. The bio-active compounds in N.J.S. compromise a behavioral, physiological and biological effect on insects. N.J.S. brings out morphogenetic changes and disturbance in endocrine system and protein metabolism of the insect body.

Numerous active compounds:
Neem Jeevan Spray is a bio-technically drawn formulation with precision and has all the main bio-active molecules of neem mainly Azadirachtin, Azadirabicinol, Epinimbicinol, Nimbadiole, Maliantriol, Vipol, Isovipol, Nimibidin, Methylnimbion, Methylnimbiol, Nimbosone, etc. in their natural form.

Areas of Application:
Neem Jeevan Spray is effective on wide range of horticultural, floricultural & agricultural crops viz. Tomato, potato, cabbage, cauliflower, brinjal, okra, peas, beans, spinach, mushroom, ginger, chillies, capsicum, apple, citrus fruits, stone fruits, strawberries, grapes, mango, tea, coffee, tobacco, cotton, paddy, wheat, maize, legumes, potato, forestry, plantations, kitchen gardens, golf courses,etc. Best for home plants, kitchen gardens, organic Farming.

Chemical Pesticides v/s N.J.S.:
Chemical pesticides do have a knockdown effect but are effective for a shorter period and insects / pests are back soon. Though after using Neem Jeevan Spray, the rate of mortality is slower but is very much higher than rate of mortality in chemical pesticides. Also, Neem Jeevan Spray minimizes the recurrence of pests. Neem Jeevan Spray improves the quality and the quantity of the crop/produce naturally. It also enhances natural luster, taste and fragrance of the produce.

Methods of Use:
Neem Jeevan Spray is a readily soluble emulsifiable concentrate and should be used in the concentration of 0.50% in water i.e, 5ml. / litre of water after proper mixing. For best results from Neem Jeevan Spray, use it either early morning or at sunset to avoid ultraviolet rays. The optimum dose of Neem Jeevan Spray is 500ml. per acre (precautionary) and in case of higher infestation higher dose can be used at weekly intervals for first 2 sprays and further at an interval of 15 days.

Neem Jeevan Spray is available in HDPE bottles of size 250 ml.

For bulk pack or larger quantity, kindly email your requirement

Neem Jeevan Pestimix

Improvement of agricultural inputs such as fertilizers, high yielding varieties and above all proper plant protection technology with improved pesticides, will remain a dominant activity world over.Present day pesticides (synthetic) have limitations in efficacy due to resistance development in insects/pests, causing major deterioration to the environment and the eco-system and higher residual effect in produces. The effect of developing resistance in pests is causing major problem among the users and are compelled to repeat the sprays in quick sessions. This practice is affecting the economics as well as resistance in pests against synthetic molecules.

Research and Development division of Jegson Innovative Industries has developed “NEEM JEEVAN PESTIMIX” which is a combination of plant oils and is 100% natural and safe to the eco-system. Neem Jeevan Pestimix is an answer to any farmers/growers problems and can help in minimising the use of synthetic pesticides, reduced repetition of sprays and will give multidimensional support to pesticidal molecules.

Mode of Action:
Neem Jeevan Pestimix is a combination of natural sticky resinous bio-chemicals in oil form. It is 100% soluble in water and has excellent compatibility with all types of insecticides/pesticides and fungicides. It protects synthetic molecules (pesticidal/fungicidal) from quick damage through environmental factors. It acts as a synergist and increases the efficacy of any pesticide/fungicide in multidimensional way because the bio-molecules of the plant oils in N.J.Pestimix have unique additive effects viz. repellent , deterrant , anti-feedant , hormonal blocker, sterility in males, larval toxicant, etc. in combination with synthetic or bio-molecules it’s effects are doubled and better control of pest/pathogenic problems is managed resulting in better agro economics.Besides providing knockdown effect the admixture of N.J.Pestimix and Synthetic or bio pesticides/fungicides, doesn’t pressurise the eco-system and doesn’t let the pest get resistant to any particular molecule. While using N.J.Pestimix with any pesticide/ fungicide no sticker or spreader is required.

Area of Application:
Neem Jeevan Pestimix can be used with all types of synthetic Insecticide/Pesticide, fungicide or bio-pesticide (Bt./NPV/botanical).It has brilliant compatibility with all existing insecticides/pesticides,fungicides.It can be used on any crop Agriculture, Horticulture, Floriculture, Plantations, Lawns, Kitchen gardens, Ornamentals, Potted plants, Organic farming, Golf courses, etc.

Method of Use :

  • Prepare the solution of water and Pesticide/fungicide as per the recommended ratio.
  • Shake well the bottle of Neem Jeevan Pestimix.
  • Mix N.J.Pestimix in the ratio of 2.5 ml./litre in the already prepared solution of synthetic pesticide/fungicide.
  • Mix N.J.Pestimix in the ratio of 5 ml./litre in the ready solution of bio-pesticide.
  • Spray thoroughly all over the crop/plant well enough that the plant is totally drenched.
  • For better results spray early morning or after sunset to avoid ultra violet rays.

250ml. HDPE bottle. For bulk pack and larger quantity kindly email us

Neem Jeevan Urea Coat

Neem Jeevan Urea Coat is 100% eco-friendly and environmentally safe neem bitters based product. NJUC is highly effective inhibitor to protect urea from bacterial nitrification under the soil conditions. It has neem bitters, which are highly effective ingredients extracted from neem seeds which not only keep the properties intact but also effectively retard the nitrification of urea.


In tropical and subtropical countries, the losses of nitrogenous fertilizers mainly urea in field crops through leaching, denitrification and volatilization are very high and this is a major factor for appropriate economics in agriculture and horticulture.

These losses vary from 60% to 75% depending upon crops and conditions. Neem Jeevan Urea Coat is a major breakthrough in the improvement of agro economics. NJUC is indigenously developed by the R&D division of mizuno running shoes (India). NJUC is based on active neem bitters and organic matters with extra powerful action for nitrogen inhibition.

The coating of NJUC over urea ensures slow & regular availability of nitrogen matching the growth of crops / plants during their life cycle and leaves residual nitrogen for forthcoming crops. Thus NJUC improves the consumption of urea per acre and enhances the yield as well.

Mechanism of Action:

Neem Jeevan Urea Coat is 100% eco-friendly and environmentally safe neem bitters based product. NJUC is highly effective inhibitor to protect urea from bacterial nitrification under the soil conditions. It has neem bitters, which are highly effective ingredients extracted from neem seeds which not only keep the properties intact but also effectively retard the nitrification of urea.

NJUC coated urea mineralizes much slower than plain urea at least two to three times under soil conditions by controlling the multiplication process of nitrosomanas and nitrobacter spp. Which are responsible for nitrification. NJUC solution contains neem bitters and sulphurous compounds, which are mainly responsible for retarding the process of bacterial action. NJUC protects urea from leaching and volatilization.

Benefits of Neem Jeevan Urea Coat:
  • N.J.U.C. is a quality product. It is ready to use, economical and easy to apply over urea granules.
  • N.J.U.C. coated urea shows significant performance in delaying the microbial conversion of ammoniacal nitrogen to nitrite nitrogen and ensures slow and continuous availability of nitrogen to the crops.
  • N.J.U.C. ensures the reduction of leaching and denitrification.
  • N.J.U.C. saves urea, thus saves money.
  • N.J.U.C. ensures better yield and profits to farmers/growers.
  • N.J.U.C. helps protects crops from insects, pests, fungus, virus, soil borne diseases etc. due to the presence of neem triterpenes.
  • It is very economical.
  • It is 100% non-toxic, environmentally safe, and eco-friendly.
Economics in practice of Neem Jeevan Urea Coat:

The economics in agriculture and horticulture mainly depends upon inputs such as fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, weedicides, etc.. Saving in fertilizers mainly urea can be made through checking its wastage due to leaching, dentrification and volatilization. These losses could be reduced through proper placement, timely application of fertilizer and use of NJUC for nitrification.

When NJUC coated urea is used in agriculture/horticulture, at least 40% to 60% of urea can be saved and which can enhance the yield by timely availability of nitrogen to the plants. The practice of using NJUC improves the economics of inputs and outputs and also provides residual nitrogen in the soil for forthcoming crop to decrease the quantity of urea in our use. Our researchers at different locations have found that the residual effect of NJUC coated urea and prilled urea applied to rice was also evident in succeeding wheat crop.

The residual nitrogen from NJUC coated urea left after rice gave an additional wheat yield of 7 to 8 q/ ha and excessive of straw. The same enhancement of yield was achieved in sugarcane, cotton, potato, many vegetables. The practice of NJUC makes farmer/grower more prosperous and trouble free by reducing the cost of urea and treating the soil from soil borne pests/insects and pathogens.

How to Use:

Mix 500ml Neem Jeevan Urea Coat with 50 Kg. of urea in a seed coating drum or on a plastic sheet in shade and rum thoroughly until a uniform coating is formed.

The coated urea is now ready to use.

The Coated urea can be stored in normal conditions properly sealed in a bag or container.

Available in 250ml. Pack. For bulk pack and larger quantity. Kindly email at

Neem Jeevan Oil of Margosa - 100% Pure Triple Filtered

100% Pure Neem Oil (Cold Pressed and Triple Filtered )

Exclusive, hand picked kernels of Neem ( Azadirachta Indica) washed, prepared and cold pressed at low temperature with nil aflatoxin level.

Origin South India. It can be used for personal use, on home plants, in agriculture, horticulture, floriculture, human and animal care.

Available in 100ml. Pack.

For bulk pack and large quantity kindly mail at

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