Neem Jeevan

Neem Jeevan Spray, 250ml

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Neem Jeevan Spray is an environmentally safe and eco-friendly 
formulation based on the wonder tree NEEM (Azadirachta Indica) from 
India. Neem Jeevan Spray is the best bio-pesticide prepared from the 
extract of neem seeds/kernels containing 3000 p.p.m. of bio-active 
molecules maintained at accurate level based on HPLC assay. Neem Jeevan 
Spray acts as an insect repellent/ anti-feedant/ growth disrupter/ 
ovicidal and is effective on all the stages of life cycle of insects / 
pests. Neem Jeevan Spray treatment causes growth inhibition, 
malformation and mortality in insects. more

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