Peel Off Face Mask 60ml

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Ecosense Peel Off Exfoliating Face Mask  offers Deep Cleaning, exfoliates dead skin cells, removes impurities, removes black heads.

Skin firming and anti clogging face mask with Neem. Neem is a natural anti-bacterial herb. It cleanses, unplugs pores, exfoliates dead cells and reveals smoother Fresher, rejuvenated you. 

It also has Lemon Extract ( Vitamin C ) and Wheat Germ Oil ( Vitamin E ) To provide the freshness and nourishment your skin needs to Stay youthful.

International fragrance.

How to use 

  • Wash face, pat skin dry.
  • Apply a moderately thick layer of Ecosense Peel Off Face Mask all over face except the eye area and mouth.
  • Leave on till dry or stretchy.
  • After 15 minutes peel off from forehead in a downward  direction towards chin.
Feel naturally bright, radiant and fresh.

“Finally Something That Works” TM

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